Short Stories  >  Scribbler Tales (Volumes One-Five)

Scribbler Tales (Volumes One-Five)

Scribbler Tales (Volumes One-Five)

Released:  October 4, 2015

Available Formats:  Hardcover/Paperback/eBook

Publisher:  Whispering Legends Press


Finalist - 2024 American Legacy Book Awards
Anthologies: Fiction

A Deceptive Discovery. A Sinister Secret. A Menacing Mystery.

Scribbler Tales offers a collection of gripping tales that whisk readers into a world where the extraordinary disrupts the ordinary. Cloning experiments gone wrong, haunted graveyards, star-crossed lovers, pacts with darkness, and childhood reflections are just the beginning. The series unravels a web of vigilante justice, covert operations, spectral hauntings, and life-altering accusations. It navigates through chilling kidnappings, ancestral curses, forbidden passions, and the quest for truth in a maze of deception. Each volume is a gateway to suspenseful adventures, where the only promise is the unpredictability of fate. As the saga unfolds, it’s clear that the most captivating stories exist beyond the edge of reality.

Tags: short reads, anthologies, single author, literature and fiction, short stories, mystery and thrillers, paranormal, fantasy, romance, suspense, drama, betrayal, short stories, contemporary fiction, supernatural suspense, dark romance.

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