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AnaRose and Pharaoh’s Gold

AnaRose and Pharaoh’s Gold


  • Released: February 11, 2024
  • Available Formats:
  •  Publisher: whispering Legends Press

A stolen relic. A ruthless cult. An ancient evil.

A priceless Egyptian artifact listed for auction on the black market sparks a deadly chase between museum curator and archaeologist AnaRose Preston and a fanatical ancient sect. The Cult of Apophis will stop at nothing to reclaim the relic housing the deity’s soul. AnaRose risks her life to prevent the secret society from unleashing hell on earth.

Buy AnaRose and Pharaoh's Gold now and savor the adventure of a lifetime.

Tags: Historical Action and Adventure, Mystery Action and Adventure, Historical Mystery Fiction, Action and Adventure, Mystery Action, Mystery Thriller and Suspense, Fiction Action and Adventure, Novella under 200 pages, Novella books, Novella

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