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The Complete Trilogy

The Complete Trilogy

Released:  May 28, 2013

Available Formats: eBook

Publisher:  Literary Underground

The Complete Trilogy: The Briton and the Dane; The Briton and the Dane: Birthright; The Briton and the Dane: Legacy

A sinister betrayal. A treacherous path. A deadly conflict.

In the shadow of the ninth century, where the mist cloaks friend and foe, a saga unfolds. Alliances are as fragile as glass, and treachery lurks in every shadow. A peace, delicately brokered by a king of wisdom, now teeters on the brink as a woman’s heart-led defiance and a warrior’s relentless ambition threaten to unravel it. As the clash of steel echoes across England, the land’s destiny hangs precariously by a sword’s edge. Heroes and villains are entwined in a perilous dance of destiny, where each step could forge a nation’s future or see it crumble into legend. 

Tags: drama, dark ages, middle ages, medieval, Vikings, action and adventure, romance, historical fiction.

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