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The Briton and the Dane

The Briton and the Dane

Released:  March 9, 2013

Available Formats: Hardcover/Paperback/eBook/Audiobook

Publisher:  Literary Underground

(Second Edition) Book one in the trilogy

A lurking shadow. A whispered secret. A veiled betrayal.

In a realm shadowed by the looming threat of Norse conquest, a young woman finds herself the linchpin in a perilous game of dominion. Her capture, far from being a mere twist of fate, casts her into the depths of a world rife with cunning and treachery. Amidst the echoes of a hundred scheming voices, truth becomes a chameleon, shifting its hues with each whispered plot. As the specter of the Norse menace draws ever nearer, she must navigate through a sea of deceit where allies are indistinguishable from foes. In this maelstrom of betrayal, her heart aches for the love of a prince from the ranks of her kingdom’s adversaries—a love that stands as her sole beacon amidst the encroaching darkness of war.

Tags: drama, dark ages, middle ages, medieval, Vikings, action and adventure, romance, historical fiction, Norse mythology, Medieval warfare, Saxon, England, Viking Sagas.

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