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Planetary Wars  Rise of an Empire

Planetary Wars Rise of an Empire

Released:  February 14, 2018

Available Formats:   Hardcover/Paperback/eBook

Publisher:  Whispering Legends Press

A Tyrant’s Love. A Moral Dilemma. A Universe in Peril.

In a galaxy under tyranny, Dr. Anastasia Dennison’s love with Jayden Henry Shaw, a feared dictator, brings conflict. She enjoys war-born luxury, ignoring the surrounding suffering. However, as rebellion whispers grow, her conscience hears the oppressed cries. Facing a choice between power and justice, Anastasia’s decision could change the galaxy’s fate. Will she stay silent beside the tyrant or rise as hope’s beacon against his dark rule?

Tags: adventure, fantasy, fiction, fiction action, fiction drama, fiction ebooks, fiction novel, fiction sci-fi, fiction, romance, literature, sci-fi books, science fiction, space opera

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