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Forgiving Nero

Forgiving Nero

Released:  February 14, 2021

Available Formats:  Hardcover/ Paperback/eBook

Publisher:  Whispering Legends Press


  • Independent Press Award 2023
    Distinguished Favorite Historical Fiction 
  • 2022 Chaucer Finalist for Early Historical Fiction
  • 2021 Book of the Year
    Historical Fiction Ancient World
    The Coffee Pot Book Club
  • Silver Medal Winner Historical Fiction
    Reviewer’s Choice Awards
    2021-2022 Reader Views
  • B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree

Rome. The jewel of the civilized world is no longer what it was. Strength has failed the Senate. Her legions are in disarray, and the Empire has fallen into Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus Nero’s hands. His reign begins under a cloud of scrutiny, for he is the depraved Emperor Caligula’s nephew. Nero is determined to overcome that stigma and carve a name of his own. One worthy of Rome’s illustrious history.

Politics and treachery threaten to end Nero’s reign before it begins, forcing him to turn to unexpected sources for friendship and help. Many of the Praetorian Guard have watched over Nero since he was a small child, and it is in Traian that the young Emperor places his trust, despite the inherent threat of reducing his mother’s influence. Traian is the father he never had and the one man who does not judge him.

When Traian secretly marries the hostage Vena, it sets in motion a collision of values as Traian comes to odds with his former charge. The whirlwind that follows will shake the very foundations of the greatest Empire the world has ever known, and survival is far from guaranteed.

Tags: Historical Fiction, Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, Roman Emperors, Christianity, Early Christian Persecutions, Religions, Ancient Historical Fiction, Historical Biographical Fiction, Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Rome Biographies

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