Travel back in time to the late Ninth Century, to the Isle of Britannia and the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Wessex where Mary Ann provides a glimpse into the days of Viking Warriors and British Kings. Partake of the intrigue, passion and treachery which threatens the reign of the benevolent and magnanimous King Alfred, the only British monarch referred to as Great.

The Briton and the Dane: Timeline

(Novel and Audiobook) Dr. Gwyneth Franger is a renowned expert in early medieval England who is set upon learning the truth about the death of Lord Erik, the last... More >

The Briton and the Dane: Concordia

Enter Concordia, a beautiful noble woman whose family is favored by the king. Vain, willful, and admired, but ambitious and cunning, Concordia is not willing to acce... More >

The Complete Trilogy

The Briton and the Dane novels bring to life the tumultuous ninth century when the formidable Vikings terrorized the civilized world. The epic adventure runs the ga... More >

The Briton and the Dane: Legacy

(Second Edition) Whispered by the wise and the learned. Talked of in hushed tones round luminous firesides. Engraved by awestruck scribes in the scriptoria of the C... More >

The Briton and the Dane: Birthright

(Second Edition) Two years have passed since Alfred the Great successfully defeated Guthrum, King of the Vikings. The fair land of England is at peace. That is, un... More >

The Briton and the Dane

(Novel & Audiobook - Second Edition) King Alfred the Great has thwarted the Viking threat against his kingdom of Wessex. Signing a treaty with the formidable ... More >

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